BOston's Heavy Rock Band


 It was a hell of a run and to all of our fans out there we greatly appreciate the support you have given us. 

We are not putting our instruments down, we are just taking a long needed break and who knows maybe in a few years you might see us back at it again…. but until then stay metal my friends.

Some of our favorite shows

We love our fans.  Thank you for all your support over the years.

18 Jun. 2016

11 Jun. 2016

20 Aug. 2016

20 Sep. 2016 


Midway Cafe

Paradise Rock Lounge

Jalapeno’s Bar and Grill

Past Tour Dates

Centerlink are 3 guys from Boston looking to bring hardriving kick ass rock and roll back onto the scene

10 Apr. 2019

20 May 2019

16 Aug. 2019

28 Sep. 2019 

Lucky Dog

Worcester Paladium

Victory Lane

Gino’s Rock Club

Let's ROCK!

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